standing at a crossroad, with traffic flowing in three different directions, working with three different sets of rules, and the drivers and pedestrians speaking three different languages.


standing at a crossroad, with traffic flowing in three different directions, working with three different sets of rules, and the drivers and pedestrians speaking three different languages.

Welcome to the grand challenge
of career development and job placement, where academic institutions, students and potential future employers need to be integrated into a unified process.

Welcome to a matchmaking arena, where millennials speak a constantly evolving language, HR departments speak business, and academic institutions strive to cater to both, in a simple, smart and effective way that will maintain the institution's relevancy.

In short
Welcome to AcadeME
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AcadeME is a comprehensive career development and job placement platform, providing an end to end management solution for academic institutions' career development and consulting centers, serving students, graduates, interns and alumni.

Academic institutions are our main advocates, boosting and promoting the use of the system by students and employers around the USA.

Presenting an outstanding added-value "search and match" support system for employers and HR recruiters, AcadeME is also the most intuitive, effective and pertinent job search and career development platform for students: Our first of a kind location based job search allows users to choose their desired criteria, define the breadth and depth of search parameters, and thus focus on what really matters to them.

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Creates a professional, detailed, in-depth resume for each user that is easy to update and to customize to specific job applications
Screens and suggests relevant job openings in accordance with the user's specifications
Saves time and effort in the job-seeking process and significantly contributes to successful integration in the workforce
Optimally presenting their skills and capabilities to potential employers
Securely and discreetly provides services in accordance with the job seeker's needs, from the creation of a resume, through the selection of relevant positions, to arranging interviews with potential employers
Bridges the gap, between social media savvy users, and their new target audience: employers, who prefer a more formal communication
Provide a comprehensive platform Accessible from any Internet connected digital platform
Accessible from any Internet connected digital platform
Superior tool for career development units, significantly improving the success rates of students and graduates in the job market
Serves as a user-friendly database of unlimited information, making it easy to monitor and contact students, graduates, and employers
Enhances the standing of the institution, positioning it as a body that nurtures and supports its alumni
Jumpstart Your Student’s Career
  • What is a Career Development Comprehensive Solution for Graduates and Students job’s placement?
    A Career Development Solution is a comprehensive platform required to manage Career Development for graduates and students from all levels of higher-education. The solution focuses on managing the transition from studies to a job in the real-world – and allows employers to identify and raecruit the most suitable candidates.

    The Career Development Comprehensive Solution empowers graduates and students with a tool to best present themselves to potential employers, according to their preferences and academic achievements.

    An effective solution will combine the total constellation of psychological, sociological, educational, physical, economic, and chance factors that influence the nature and significance of employment for any given individual.
  • Why should an institution of higher education provide this solution?
    Institutes of Higher Education are commonly measured by success of their graduates at finding suitable jobs, with the highest starting salaries. A Career Development Comprehensive Solution bridges the gap between the HR recruitment specialist working for an organization and soon-to-be and/or recent graduates at all levels.

    Improving the service provided to both parties to the process – for both applicants and
  • What do Generation Y students expect?
    Often referred to as ‘Millennials’, Generation Y students, “have distinctly different behaviors, values and attitudes from previous generations as a response to the technological and economic implications of the Internet”. (William A. Draves and Julie Coates ‘Nine Shift: Work, Life and Education in the 21st Century’). They present “a sense of entitlement and narcissism based on personality surveys that showed increasing narcissism among Millennials compared to preceding generations, when they were teens and in their twenties”. (Jean Twenge, ‘Generation Me’). As students, they “confront anxiety when applying to super-selective colleges”, and “multitask with ease as their helicopter parents hover reassuringly above them”. (Fred Bonner, ‘Diverse Millennial Students in College: Implications for Faculty and Student Affairs’).

    When offering a Career Development Technological Solution, these characteristics should be taken into consideration: Any solution presented to Generation Y graduates and students, must be relevant to their values and preferences – just as it should fit the employer’s needs and modes of operation.
  • What is AcadeME?
    AcadeME is a comprehensive end-to-end Career Development Solution.

    Sophisticated, yet easy to use, AcadeME harmonizes processes. It provides a shared language, connecting academic Institutions, students and future employers – at the most effective meeting point.

    Built on a multi-tenant SaaS model, AcadeME uses secure cloud infrastructure (Amazon cloud) to provide services to institutions of higher education supporting their students and graduates in their search for jobs, and paving the way for employers to identify and recruit their desired talents.
  • Does AcadeME only offer jobs that were posted on it by registered employers?
    Presenting the most comprehensive solution, AcadeME provides employers with all the tools needed to post jobs and manage the recruiting process – and yet, it does much more. AcadeME features a special ‘Web Crawler’ that systematically browses the Internet, searching, identifying, indexing and importing requests and calls for candidates, and intelligently matching them with applicants in the system database.

    Employers are presented with a flexible platform, allowing them to present and build their brand, including use of video, presentations, linking into URLs – while maintaining complete control on their contents.
  • What is the difference between an applicant’s résumé created by AcadeME – and by other systems?
    AcadeME “interviews” the student, walking him through the process of generating a full – and the most compelling – résumé.

    It uses advanced UI and psychological-based methodologies, in order to build a comprehensive picture, including links to social media profiles and external resources. Unlike many other systems, it allows recruiters to conduct ‘deep searches’ into résumés.

    AcadeME manages the complete application process, from matching applicants to positions, filtering unsuited or undesired jobs, managing multiple cover letters, and tracking applications throughout the process. The solution includes smart agent technology, conducting on-going mission of identifying possible matches between applicants and suitable job offerings.

    When examining résumés submitted through AcadeME, the prospective employer may exercise advanced options to fine tune search parameters. The information retrieved is more accurate – and more accessible.

    For the education institution, AcadeME provides a top-down, first of its kind, fully aggregated picture, of their students “jumpstarting” their real-world careers. By cross-checking between résumés and job postings, the institution may generate valuable insights.
  • Where was it developed?
    AcadeME is developed in Tel Aviv, by a highly skilled Israeli team of ex-IDF software engineers and Psychologists, higher-education specialists, UI and Work Process Management talents.
  • Who is already using it?
    More than 60% of the universities and colleges in Israel, totaling some 150,000+ students and graduates, are using AcadeME. With a constantly widening audience, since its inaugural launch in 2013, AcadeME has helped tens of thousands of students in their quest for suitable jobs. Academic institutions ranging from Tel Aviv University (the largest and most prestigious institution for higher education in Israel) to a variety of regional and specialist colleges, have adopted AcadeME as their platform of choice for connecting graduates with future employers.
  • Can you name some firms and employers using AcadeME?
    Google, Intel, Yahoo!, Teva Pharmaceutical, facebook, IBM, Ebay and many other Israeli branches of leading multi-national corporations – as well as key Israeli firms, are all posting jobs and approaching students using AcadeME implementations in Israeli universities and colleges.
  • Will Israeli-made software fit the academic culture in the USA?
    The Israeli society, educational system and business community, share American ideas, standards and vision. Just think about Waze (acquired by Google), ICQ (acquired by AOL), XIV (IBM), and many other Israeli-made technologies, which now serve users throughout the world.
  • Where will the data reside?
    AcadeME runs on DigitalOcean's cloud servers - NYC, and complies with all US regulation covering data privacy.
  • What kinds of Career Development Solutions are available?
    Non-tech: Face-to-face counseling, Career fairs, Recruiters’ visits, Mailing lists.

    A hiring organization handles most of the activities, as internal processes.

    Some-tech: An “in house” system, either within the education institution or the recruiting organization, operated by counselors for the institution or employees of the recruiting organization.

    An Institution of Education assumes responsibility for its systems, while every employer manages separately their own sites, job postings and processes. A student is required to conduct multiple searches on disparate sites.

    Résumés (and more detailed Curriculum Vitae - CV) are often created, sent and stored in unsearchable formats. The varying scope of information contained in résumés and the diversity of writing styles may differ to the point which prevents comparing between candidates.

    Web-tech/Social tech: Jobs sites, Social media.

    Responsibility shifts to the student: Posting résumés, connecting with peers and people who may help.

    Employers post job openings, and leverage group discussions to identify candidates. While many sites already offer matching capabilities, the extent of both structured and unstructured information presented by candidates is neither reflected nor fully covered by tools available to employers within these sites or social media channels.

    High-tech: AcadeME - Career Development Comprehensive Solution.

    Administers the entire process from beginning to end – providing full support to all participating parties, managing the application process, arranging meetings and tracking correspondence:

    Students and Graduates - Walk-through generating tailored résumés and cover letters; assists in identifying and presenting compelling skills and qualifications; provides connections to social media; utilize smart agents to search, find and filter appropriate jobs based on the student’s defined criteria; manages the application process including tracking of meetings and correspondence.

    Employers – Post jobs openings and specify requirements, searches, identifies, filters and provides access to the most appropriate candidates, based on employer’s defined criteria; manages the application process including tracking of meetings and correspondence.

    Higher Education Institution - Provides a comprehensive view of the student-community’s interaction with the job market – affording career consultants the ability to offer additional value.

    AcadeME provides the future of Career Development Technological Solutions – available today.
Screens and recommends the most suitable candidates as accurately as possible
Saves company time and resources by streamlining the hiring process
Access to a huge database of first-rate candidates, forgoing the need for agencies or middlemen
Intuitive, friendly and showing clear and immediate value

Some Companies using AcadeME

AcadeME Career Development was created to provide a complete solution for Career Counseling and Development services at universities and colleges, improving the management of relations with both recruiting companies and job seeking graduates and students.

Different from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, AcadeME is a Career Development Comprehensive Solution for Graduates and Students, and is the highest quality, most professional, and advanced platform of its kind.

AcadeME is an innovative platform that connects graduates and current students with potential employers. The solution enables graduates and students to successfully enter the job market, both during their studies and after graduation.

With the enhanced ability to identify, filter, sort and qualify applicants, AcadeME improves the match between candidates and open positions, and handles the hiring process from start to finish.

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AcadeME provides a broad view in combination with detailed insight into every applicant, saving time and effort for both the recruiting employers and job seeking candidates.

AcadeME upgrades the matching, sorting and recruitment process to be more effective, while also furnishing an efficient professional management tool that is user friendly and discreet, for both potential employers, and for the graduates and students alike.

Using a sophisticated search engine with special algorithms developed by a team of leading experts in the fields of psychology, human resources and computer programming, AcadeME forms a complete, accurate profile of each candidate.

It screens the candidates and vacancies in order to ensure maximum compatibility between applicants and their desired positions. AcadeME is very user-friendly, enabling simple, rapid integration with businesses seeking to hire new employees.

With AcadeME, the candidate is guided throughout the process of completing a detailed, comprehensive and accurate personal profile, and requires some investment of time and thought by the applicant.

At this stage it is also possible to determine the level of earnestness, quality and compatibility of the candidate for a position. The student and graduate can fully express themselves through AcadeME to promote themselves and ensure that their multifaceted personalities and capabilities are shown to prospective employers in the best manner for a specific job opening, thus increasing the chances to find a position that maximizes their potential.

When creating the solution, the developers of AcadeME adhered to two principles - ensuring that the total solution was extremely user-friendly for the student and graduate to use, and make it not only economical but simple to implement among the employers looking to recruit.

This means that AcadeME was built with web tools and for the web environment and that it is adaptable to any current or future digital platform.

AcadeME Career Development is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service), and all processing and data storage demands are handled by multi-tenant cloud computing technology

AcadeME clients benefit
from the following technical advantages
Nothing to download or install - runs from any browser,
including tablets and smart phones
Marginal maintenance, upgrade, and support costs
Accessible from anywhere in the world, as the solution is hosted "in the cloud"
Minimal installation and development time
Flexible adaptation of the solution to each client; upgrades available with zero downtime
The AcadeME platform and the company's servers comply with the strictest security standards, while also undergoing periodic inspections and penetration tests as required
No required capital outlay for purchasing and running computing hardware; does not necessitate additional IT personnel, or data management
Sophisticated, proprietary algorithms can scale up & out for top performance


Create and maintain an accurate database
The applicants personally enters their own details via a uniform and comprehensive electronic form, from which the database is populated according to the institution’s requirements
As the solution is web based, it is simple to append visual and functional modifications, such as new criteria fields, ability to add video interviews, additional interfaces to new social networks, etc.). Nothing to download or install.
High precision recruiting
As the résumé data is entered in detail by the students and graduates themselves, the system performs an exacting comparison between the data supplied and the demands of the position. The matching process (GO / NO GO) becomes more accurate, sophisticated, automatic and immediate
Integrated into the institutional website
Supports Single Sign On login
Know more about the candidates
Not only do the applicants report on what they have done in the past, they also express their future requirements and what they are seeking in a new position.
Multiple input / output sources
Receives and sends to anywhere (web interface), for example Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Dynamic criteria
The system definitions are totally modifiable by the institution, and can be changed at anytime
Stay in touch
Maintain effective ongoing contact with graduates and current students with ease via multiple channels
Accelerates the search and match process
Sophisticated, proprietary algorithms can scale up & out for top performance
Simple & friendly
Customizable in short order, according to the needs of the college, to simplify usage
Web availability
Being a web based service, as long as there is internet
Platform for recruitment marketing
Businesses can “pitch” themselves and their workplace environment – using multimedia presentations and video clips
Integrated calendar management
Set appointments using MS Outlook or Google


Administer job listings (add and update jobs)
Advanced search engine for employer, job seeker and recruitment counselor
  • Recruiting suitable candidates for a specific position
  • Open positions of interest to a specific applicant
Online compatibility testing – upon request Compatibility ratings Job applications
Compatibility ratings
Job applications
Detailed candidate profiles, including résumé details (certification, images, videos, testimonials, portfolio, etc.)
Candidate screening for job matching
Integrated calendar for interview coordination
Personal candidate notes
Résumé creation in Word and PDF format
Unlimited simultaneous users
Compatible with tablet/mobile devices
Custom Reports (tailored to the type of academic institution)
Marketing and promotional messages can be displayed during the hiring process
CRM system for candidate management
Direct mail system + statistics
Email alerts
Automatic text message notifications
Ability to send broadcast text messages
Integration with the institution’s existing website
Vacancies may be posted on the institution’s Facebook and LinkeIn pages
Integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
Data import/export and API for interfacing with SAP systems and other external organizations, including the ability to share open positions with other academic institutions